Hope Seeds Swamp Milkweed, 1g (Perennials)

Hope Seeds Swamp Milkweed, 1g (Perennials)

  • $3.50

Habitat reduction has put intense pressure on Monarch butterfly populations. Monarch caterpillars rely solely on milkweed as their food source in northern climates. While caterpillars feed on common milkweed as well, it is generally considered a noxious weed. This swamp milkweed variety is also native to Canada and a great choice for gardeners and butterflies alike!
Growing 30-50” tall with small fragrant pink flowers in umbel clusters, swamp milkweed prefers wet, heavy soils (good news for clay gardens!) around the edges of ponds and other wetlands. Beautiful seed pods open when ripe in Fall to allow the wind to catch hundreds of silky seed strands.Local, Certified Organic.



"And there isn't a single flower, not a single rose, that smells as heavenly as this milkweed. In summers in Ontario, where it grows in profusion, wild, one would catch a heavenly whiff on the breeze on a warm summer day. I am definitely putting in a patch; Monarch butterflies are in trouble; this is the least I can do to help."

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