Georgian Bay Grills Pellets - 10KG - A Proud Canadian Family Company (Assorted Flavours Available)

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Make your best meals even better with Georgian Bay Grills’ premium quality hardwood pellet blends.

Our CANADIAN BLEND of oak and maple pellets are precisely formulated from 100%
virgin hardwood to produce beautifully balanced smoke flavour without overpowering your meals. They’re terrific for long smoke sessions on your favourite cuts of beef, pork and game meats, yet still add tremendous flavour to milder meats such as chicken or fish without overwhelming them!

The excellent moisture content that remains in our pellet, combined with the
well-balanced smoke produced, makes our CANADIAN BLEND of oak and maple pellets the perfect choice for baking (yes baking!) and adding that “nailed it” touch of smoke to veggies and even cheese!

To maintain optimal performance from your Georgian Bay Grill CANADIAN BLEND pellets and your pellet grill, please follow these guidelines:

  • Store your pellets in their original bag, if possible, indoors in a dry environment.
  • Keep the pellets up off the floor and on a dry surface. Do not store the bag directly on a concrete floor or surface that could get damp.
  • When your grill will not be used for long periods of time, remove pellets from the hopper as excess dampness can be drawn into the pellets over time and reduce their ability to burn efficiently, causing your grill to run at lower temperatures or not ignite properly.
  • As a safety precaution, when pouring pellets from the bag into another container or the grill hopper, avoid inhaling pellet dust as it can be an irritant to the eyes, nose and throat.
  • Check your grill’s pellet supply before you cook and periodically throughout as nothing ruins a great BBQ faster than running out of those precious pellets!


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