Hope Seeds - Tomatoes - Sweetie Cherry

Hope Seeds - Tomatoes - Sweetie Cherry

  • $3.50

(Indeterminate. 65 days.)

Extra sweet; 100 or more small, juicy snack-tomatoes per plant. Doesn’t seem to mind those cool, wet summers that are becoming the norm here in the Maritimes—still comes out sweet and shining. Nice treats while you’re working in the garden on a hot day!

30-60 seeds/0.2g

We've done some hard selecting on this year's seed crop and are proud to share the seeds of a more reliable sweetie cherry with you!


Grown by Growin' Good Farm



"This cherry tomato is a quite prolific grower. Lots of little cherry tomatoes about the size of a large grape and one of my earliest growers. That being said, I wasn't crazy for the texture of these tomatoes. Thick skinned, thick membrane inside. I prefer my tomatoes on the tart side so it's worth a try since it's a good grower to see if you like it."

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