Hope Seeds Tante Alice Cucumber, 1g

Hope Seeds Tante Alice Cucumber, 1g

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(ENGLISH/SLICER) 65-70 days. Local, not certified.
Tante Alice comes to Hope Seeds through Seeds of Diversity Canada's annual seed exchange. We received it from member Antoine D'Avignon, but this very rare variety can be traced back to Alice Gosselin of Dorchester, QC. At 88 years young in 1988, Mrs. Gosselin was growing this cucumber in her gardens. SoDC members have continued its preservation for the last decade with good reason! English-style slicers grow 12" to 14" long on vines that, if trellised, will encourage straight fruits. Excellent flavour and shows disease-resistant qualities.

~ 35 seeds/g


"This is our 3rd year growing Tante Alice cukes, and we're really happy with them. They produce well and are nice for a whole variety of uses -- in sandwiches, salads, and even for pickling. Tasty and crisp. We've now used up the package but will be buying another for the spring."


"I planted some this year for the first time,good results I'm still eating some this late in September."

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