Chilly Moose


We at Chilly Moose have a deep love of exploring the outdoors - a desire to always explore around the next bend and over the next hill. Much of our family life is spent planning upcoming adventures, whether it’s re-visiting our favourite Northern Ontario retreats, or stumbling upon lesser travelled places around the world. In all our travels, one thing remains constant: our gear. We take the same types of coolers, bottles and packs with us each time, but have never found anything we truly love using. Other outdoor companies simply didn’t suit our needs, didn’t suit our wallets, and really just didn’t reflect our (for lack of a better word) “Canadian-ness”.

Our hard-working parents instilled in us the value of investing in high-quality, long‑lasting gear, pieces that should last you a lifetime. Yet we also believe that high‑quality gear doesn’t have to come with a sky-high price tag. We want outdoor gear that is well-made, durable, functional and with a true Canadian feel.

Thus Chilly Moose was born! We are excited to introduce the world to exceptional outdoor coolers, drink ware and gear. This classically Canadian collection is meticulously curated for discerning outdoor adventure seekers, and also for cottagers, day-trippers, jet‑setters, fitness enthusiasts, busy parents, downtown commuters, students and beyond.

Your next adventure awaits! Grab your Chilly Moose and bring a little piece of the Canadian outdoors everywhere you go.

Chilly Moose strives to offer classically Canadian designed coolers, drinkware & gear for the discerning outdoor adventure seeker. That being said our priority is to protect what we love most; nature. As well as top notch customer service. We work around the clock to assure you are taken care of.