Grilling Season is here! We make it easy to choose your grill with this simple guide!

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Grilling season is upon us. We've been working hard to bring you more than just the equipment you need to achieve the yard of your dreams - and we're proud of the fact that we have a number of amazing options for those that are ready to step up their grill-game. Whether you opt for the tried-and-true gas grill, the versatile kamado-style charcoal grill, or the innovative pellet grill - we've got exactly what you need, plus the accessories to make it truly yours!


The grill that most of us are very familiar with. Gas grills offer extreme ease of use and are responsible for some of our backyard favorites. Typically, you'll see these running on propane, but natural gas also works. Once you ignite a gas grill, you're cooking in no time and good results are easy to achieve by even the most uninitiated home cook. However, despite the wide range of applications for this type of grill, you are cooking at higher average temperatures, and cook times are generally short. Great for steaks, burgers, grilled veggies, and the rest of the BBQ classics - not so great for foods requiring low & slow methods (we'll talk more about that soon).

Napoleon Grills and Jackson Grills offer a high-quality gas grilling experience. Solid build quality, great heat output - with a number of options for grilling surface sizes and power for any application. For the grill-master that needs the ultimate backyard companion, Crown Verity has an unparalleled build quality, they are incredibly sturdy and reliable. A truly luxurious grill from top to bottom - also available in a range of sizes and power.


The Kamado-style has become incredibly popular, and it only takes cooking on this type of grill once to figure out why. The large ceramic body and lid are very dense and retain heat like no other. What really makes these grills shine is their versatility, as their cooking chambers allow for a huge range of temperatures once you learn how to manage your fire. You can smoke cuts of meat like pork shoulder or brisket at low temperatures (200-250 Fahrenheit, generally) for a long time. Or quickly develop a dark and flavourful crust on a steak well above 600-700 Fahrenheit in seconds.

Kamado Joe, the company that made this grill famous, has options in 3 sizes and each one performs just as well as the last. Charcoal-grilled food tastes amazing. Period. The multi-level, multi-zone design of these grills allow for a huge range of cooking options at the same time. Their design is solid, simple and does not require any electronics to function, meaning maintenance is a breeze and there is little risk of any component failure.


Welcome to the new age of grilling. Pellet grills are a newer style of BBQ and offer some very exciting features that allow you to perfect your craft without ongoing, manual fire management. This style uses pressed hardwood pellets as fuel - imparting the amazing wood-smoke flavour into everything you cook. You can choose from a wide range of woods to change up your end-result flavours. Compared to Kamado grills, Pellet grills lose some of the versatility, as their temperature ranges are typically not as wide. But, what you lose in versatility, you gain in precise control and ease of use. Add your fuel, set your temperature, place the attached probes into your food, and the grill will do the rest for you.

Green Mountain Grills has established itself as a leader in the world of Pellet Grills. Typically, their grills can range from 150-550 Fahrenheit - allowing you to cook almost anything your heart desires. Lower temperatures allow you to smoke the food over a long period, while higher temperatures are great for searing and do not impart as much smoke into your food. The Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie grills are perfect for any backyard grill setup, boasting huge grilling surfaces. The Davey Crockett is the perfect solution for those looking for something a bit more
portable. Also, all of the Prime grills from GMG have WiFi functionality, which means your cooks can be partly controlled from your smartphone! While they run on wood pellets, these grills get their power from electricity, which is something to be mindful of as they are not the best all-weather grilling companion. But a canopy or grill gazebo can certainly help with this.

Now you’re equipped with all the knowledge you need to decide what type of grill is going to become your new sidekick. And don’t forget, we also carry a wide range of accessories for even the most adventurous grill-scientists out there! If you have any questions about our grills, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Happy grilling!

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