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Pizza is amazing. Homemade pizza is amazing, too. For the longest time, unless you were going to build a wood-fired oven yourself, or fork over thousands of dollars to have one built/installed for you - true wood-fired pizza was out of reach for the typical home cook. Over the last decade, a handful of brands have sought to bring a modernized version of this ancient cooking technology to the home. A few have done it successfully, but none have done it quite like the folks at Ooni. Their line of wood and gas-powered pizza ovens have completely revolutionized the way we look at home-cooked pizza.

Gorgeous ovens, versatile cooking/fuel options, AND affordable? Ooni has us more excited about pizza than we ever thought possible - read on to learn why!


Temperature matters

Here’s the thing: Traditional wood-fire (like Neapolitan) style pizza is cooked at extremely high temperatures. We’re talking upwards of 900F - it’s why this style of pizza has the characteristic char marks on the outer edge of the crust. Because it’s cooked at such high temps, it also cooks very fast. When using the right cooking method at the right temp, you should be able to completely cook a pizza somewhere in the vicinity of 1-2 minutes. That’s not to say you can’t get great pizza out of your home oven at 500F with a pizza stone. But, you really only need to try wood/gas-fired pizza once to know what you’ve been missing.

Ooni gives you the power to reach those temperatures in a portable, easy to use package. It puts methods that were traditionally reserved for master pizza makers into the hands of anyone who wants to learn. The best part? Ooni ovens can reach a whopping 932F in as little as 15 minutes!

A range of options



The Ooni Fyra 12 uses hard-wood pellets as its fuel source. It has a gravity-fed hopper that you load with pellets and refill as you cook to keep your flame going. This option is the best way to experience true wood-fired pizza in a small (and equally affordable) package. It’s also a great option for those that may have invested in a Pellet Grill for their backyard kitchen setup. As it uses the same type of fuel, you don’t need to keep track of multiple fuel sources and can experiment with different wood types for flavouring.

See the Ooni Fyra here




The Ooni Koda is a gas-only option with a 12” and 16” model to choose from. Even without wood, the flavours you can achieve with the Koda are identical to the Fyra. This line boasts a faster time to reach temp, maintains temp incredibly well, and returns quickly to temp as you finish each pizza you make.

The 16” model should NOT be ignored by adventurous home cooks. The additional cooking space feels like a lot more than a 4” difference. It opens up an entire world of cooking possibilities. It can be used with cast iron cookware and puts an incredible char on anything you throw at it. From steak and other proteins to your favourite veggie dishes.

See the 12" model here

See the 16" model here




Where the Fyra and Koda models have their differences, the Ooni Pro 16 does its best to bring both worlds together. Giving you the flexibility to cook with your choice of fuel: wood, charcoal, or gas (with the available Ooni Pro Gas Burner - sold separately). It has a very roomy cooking chamber like the Koda 16 and the multi-fuel flexibility is a HUGE plus. Additionally, using wood fuel in the Ooni Pro is as close to the authentic experience of cooking in a large wood-fired pizza oven as many of us will ever get.


Making the ultimate homemade pizza has never been this approachable. Ooni ovens are extremely well-built and once you learn how to get into your ideal pizza-making rhythm, you’ll be churning out some of the best pies you’ve ever had. Don’t forget to check out our Ooni accessories, either! From Pizza Peels, covers/carrying cases, to Ooni’s cast-iron Grizzler Pan (which is shaped perfectly for their ovens) - there are some incredible companions to add to your arsenal.

Shop our collection online or stop in to see them for yourself!

Think of all that pizza...

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