Why We Register our Customer's Products for them (And You Should Too!)

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One of our incentives when you buy a piece of outdoor power equipment from Atlantic Outdoor is free warranty registration with the manufacturer. We do this as a courtesy for all of our customers. Not only is it more convenient for you, it can also be a huge benefit down the road.

Why should you ensure that all your warrantied products are registered? Let us convince you!

An ounce of prevention….

What might take you a few minutes after your purchase might save you a few hours of digging and searching in the future. Registering your equipment as soon as you purchase it is much easier than trying to track down your receipts after the fact if you have an issue.

Extended Warranty Woes

Some extended warranties require you to submit your receipt or other official documents to activate it. Husqvarna and Stihl, for example, both offer extended warranties for 2-stroke equipment when you purchase fuel or mix oil with them. We register those warranties and submit all the documentation for you so you don’t have to worry about scanning receipts and sending them in. It’s a small thing we do to make your life easier!

Recall Troubles

In the unlikely event of a recall, its important that the manufacturers can track down and inform consumers who may be affected. Especially when dealing with dangerous equipment like chainsaws. Registering your products gives the manufacturer multiple avenues of contact such as phone number, email and mailing address so they can better keep you informed.

Thieves, break-ins, floods and fires

Registration of your products can also help if your equipment is ever stolen or lost in natural disasters. By contacting your local dealer and reporting your equipment as stolen, it allows dealers across the country to be able to check on your equipment and get it back to you as quickly as possible. We have been asked more than once to search serial numbers of equipment found by RCMP to help them return them to the rightful owners. In some cases, your warranty registration can be used as a proof of purchase for insurance companies as well!

We hope this short list is enough to convince you to register all of your warrantied products! If not just buy your next piece of equipment from us and it won't be an issue!

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