AWD Riders

Trees, bushes and flower beds are no obstacle for our articulating mowers because they’re equipped with a steering system that allows the rear wheels to swing underneath the machine. The result is outstanding maneuverability as well as superior traction.

Product Incentives when you buy locally from Atlantic Outdoor: 
*Free 3-Year Maintenance Package #2 (Value $299.97)
*Free Assembly/Pre-Delivery Inspection (Value $103.50)
*Free Delivery* (Value $35.00, *within 300/km conditions apply, contact us to see if you qualify!)
*Free Hat (Value $5.99)
*Free Warranty Registration (Value $17.25)
*Free Tank of Gas (Value $10.00)
*No Tire Levy (Value $10.00)
*No Incoming Freight Charges (Value $70.00)