EZ Reacher Picking Tool (Assorted Lengths)

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E-Z Reachers are long arm reaching pickup tools that make it possible for you to pickup hard-to-reach objects. Use these reachers to clean out unwanted debris from ponds and water gardens, without getting soaked. This pickup tool is also ideal for elderly folks that have a hard time reaching for certain things, such as groceries. The reacher is available in 32" and 40" long, and is very lightweight and slim enough to reach items in the tightest of spaces.

The rubber cups are designed with a 4" spread between them, so picking up large or small items is easier. Plus, the rubber cups firmly grip the intended object with such great force, that you will be able to pick up objects as small as a dime and as large as a 4 lb. rock. Bid adieu to all the strenuous labor involved with bending over and stretching, when the EZ Reacher eliminates all of that repetition.


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