Green Fast Grass Seed (Assorted Package Sizes Available)

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Outstanding seedling vigour and aggressive growth ensure rapid establishment. Greenfast is endophyte enhanced to produce a superior quality turf that is hardy, tolerant to drought, and disease resistant. Grows well in sun and shade.

Greenfast contains:
25%  NuBlue Plus Kentucky Bluegrass
15%  Camas Kentucky Bluegrass
15%  J-5 Chewing Fescue
15%  Audubon Creeping Red Fescue
30%  Revenge GLX Perennial Ryegrass

750g Bag
New Lawn: 300 sq.ft
Over Seeding: Covers 600 sq.ft

2kg Bag: 
New Lawn: 1000 sq.ft
Over Seeding: 2000 sq.ft

Note actual product and specs may differ.