Husqvarna 220IL Battery Trimmer Kit (with battery and charger)

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Your superior battery solution has arrived. Both lightweight and heavy-duty, Husqvarna’s 220iL string trimmer delivers more than enough power to get the job done. Experience the convenience of instant startups and simple-to-use controls, along with ultra-quiet performance and reduced vibrations. Then, after your work is done, you’ll be amazed at the speedy recharge time of Husqvarna’s premium lithium-ion batteries. If you’re looking for a simpler, lighter and more powerful battery tool, look no further than the 220iL string trimmer. (BLi22 battery and QC250 charger included).

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  • Lightest-in-class trimmer: The 220iL trimmer feels lightweight and maneuverable whether trimming or edging the lawn.
  • Speedy charge time: The 220iL trimmer’s lithium-ion battery charges up quickly, which is helpful when there’s a lot of work to do!
  • Ergonomic soft-touch grip: The soft-touch grip on the 220iL trimmer makes it comfortable to hold and maneuver around the yard.
  • Flip n’ Go for effortless edging: The 220iL trimmer makes it easy to give the lawn sharp and precise edges along flower beds and pavement.
  • Single battery system: The 220iL trimmer uses the same 40-volt battery used with other Husqvarna tools like the 230iB blower.
  • Premium one-touch control pad with LED indicator: The control pad on the 220iL trimmer is simple to use. It’s easy to tell right away whether the tool is on or off.
  • 30-minute run time: The battery in the 220iL trimmer ensures there’s enough time to wrap up all trimming and edging work.
  • Boost button for 20% more power: To trim wet grass or heavy weeds, just press the 220iL trimmer’s boost button for an extra push of power.
  • Dual-Direction trimmer head: It’s easy to change the cutting direction of the 220iL trimmer, which helps to keep clippings off beds and hardscapes.


  • Battery voltage: 36 V
  • Battery type: Li-Ion
  • Typical battery charging time to 100%: 48 min
  • Cutting width: 40.64 cm
  • Maximum rpm output shaft: 6200 rpm
  • Grass blade: No
  • Harness: No
  • Saw blade: No
  • Trimmer head: Yes
  • Gear ratio: 1
  • Drive gear angle: 22 °
  • Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) rear handle: 4 m/s²


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