Husqvarna ST224 208cc Snowblower

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Husqvarna ST 224 has been developed for homeowners who need a high-performing snow thrower to clear snow from large driveways to pathways. It works regardless of surface type thanks to the adjustable skid shoes. Husqvarna ST 224 has been designed for use in all snow conditions; 6-18 inches. It has an efficient two-stage system with high throwing capacity. The unit has industry exclusive 4-position height adjustable handles for optimal comfort. Friction-disc transmission and power steering ensure extra smooth operation. Features LED headlight and electric starter making the ST 224 one of the best snow blowers around for tackling the winter weather.


Two-stage system
Snow is fed into the housing by an auger screw and then discharged through the chute by an impeller fan.
LED headlight/s
LED headlight/s for easy operation when it's dark.
Steering Assist
The option of disconnecting the differential lock and choosing which wheel/track should drive makes the machine easy to maneuver and operate.
Handle Height Adjustment
Adjustable handle height for improved ergonomics.
Friction Disc Transmission
For easy speed changes depending on snow conditions.
Electric Start
Connect to a power outlet and start the engine by pressing a button. When the engine is warm, it's easy to get going with the starter handle.
Differential Lock
The differential lock means the machine is driven with both wheels. This, along with the heavy treads on the tires, ensures extra good traction.
Adjustable Skid Shoes
Makes it possible to adjust the space between the auger housing and the ground in order to protect the ground/surface.
High Speed Impeller
Gives extra long snow throwing distance.
Interlock Handle
For single hand control and easy operation.
Throttle Control
Makes it possible to idle down the engine when not clearing.
Ribbon Auger
The ribbon auger mixes air into the snow, which makes the snow easy to handle and thereby ensures efficient clearing.
X-Trac Tires
X-trac, heavy-tread tires for extra good traction.
Remote Chute Rotator
Fast and easy change of the chute direction with a lever on the panel.

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