Milwaukee 14PCSHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2" Drive Metric Deep 6 Point Socket Set

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Our SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2" Drive 6 Point Socket Sets feature the boldest, longest-lasting markings and extreme impact durability in high torque applications. The stamped and ink-filled size marking enables you to select the right socket every time throughout the life of the socket. These sockets are engineered with high strength forged steel for optimized performance in heavy-duty applications. The non-slip hex geometry prevents fastener rounding, and a dual-hole design and ring groove allow for easy socket attachment and removal. The storage cases are impact resistant and nest together for easy stacking and storage. All MILWAUKEE® SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ Sockets backed by a Lifetime Guarantee and meet ASME industry standards.




  • (1) SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2"Drive 10MM Deep 6 Point Socket(49-66-6271)
  • (1) 
    SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2"Drive 11MM Deep 6 Point Socket(49-66-6272)
  • (1) SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2"Drive 12MM Deep 6 Point Socket(49-66-6273)
  • (1) 
    SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2"Drive 13MM Deep 6 Point Socket(49-66-6274)
  • (1) 
    SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2"Drive 14MM Deep 6 Point Socket(49-66-6275)
  • (1) 
    SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2"Drive 15MM Deep 6 Point Socket(49-66-6276)
  • (1) 
    SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2"Drive 16MM Deep 6 Point Socket(49-66-6277)
  • (1) 
    SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2"Drive 17MM Deep 6 Point Socket(49-66-6278)
  • (1) 
    SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2"Drive 18MM Deep 6 Point Socket(49-66-6279)
  • (1) 
    SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2"Drive 19MM Deep 6 Point Socket(49-66-6280)
  • (1) 
    SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2"Drive 21MM Deep 6 Point Socket(49-66-6282)
  • (1) 
    SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2"Drive 22MM Deep 6 Point Socket(49-66-6283)
  • (1) 
    SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2"Drive 26MM Deep 6 Point Socket(49-66-6287)
  • (1) 
    SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ 1/2"Drive 27MM Deep 6 Point Socket(49-66-6288)


  • Stamped and ink filled diameter markings for wear resistance
  • 6-Point design made with forged impact steel for durability in high torque applications backed by our Lifetime Guarantee
  • Dual hole design and groove for easier attachment
  • Non-slip hex geometry to prevent socket and fastener rounding
  • Lifetime Guarantee covers impact sockets and extensions only
  • Laser etched part number
  • Optimized for use with 1/2" drive impact wrenches, drivers, ratchets, and adapters
  • Kit includes 14 Deep Metric Sockets. The following sizes are included: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 26, 27
  • Impact resistant case with nestability for easy stacking and storage


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