Stihl Attachments for the MM 55 Yard Boss

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The MM 55 C-E YARD BOSS® engine allows mixing and matching of attachments for a variety of groundskeeping jobs including cultivating, edging, aerating, sweeping and much more. Equipped with the Easy2Start™ system for effortless starting plus an easy to use multi-function handle with start/stop and trigger controls, it also folds up for easy transport and storage. This tool is a “must-have” around the home or farm. Attachments sold separately.

RL - MM Lawn Aerator

RL - MM - Lawn aerator MultiTool. Designed to uniformly perforate the surface of the lawn allowing air, moisture and nutrients to get to the roots. All attachments sold separately.

MF - MM Lawn Dethatcher

MF - MM - Lawn dethatcher MultiTool. Designed to remove moss, dead grass and other accumulated material from lawn surface. All attachments sold separately.

FC - MM Edger

FC - MM - Bed and sidewalk edger MultiTool. Designed to cut a defined edge of lawn or to cut patches of lawn to be transplanted. All attachments sold separately.

BF - MM Pick Tines

BF - MM - Pick tine cultivator MultiTool. Designed to loosen soil in preparation for planting. All attachments sold separately.

BK - MM Bolo Tines

BK - MM - Bolo tine cultivator MultiTool. Designed to cultivate rocky, sandy, claylike compacted soil. All attachments sold separately.

KB - MM Bristle Brush

KB - MM - Bristle brush MultiTool. Designed to remove dirt and rubble from paved areas or uneven natural stone surfaces. All attachments sold separately.

KW - MM PowerSweep™

KW - MM - PowerSweep™ paddle MultiTool. Designed to remove dirt and rubble, sand and gravel, wet leaves and snow from walkways and roads. All attachments sold separately.

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