Tumbleweed All-Purpose Rub - Prairie Smoke & Spice - 400g

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Tumbleweed All Purpose Rub

Flavour that rolls across your tongue! This spice rub is the perfect blend of flavours, a tried-and-true recipe that has won countless awards for us. It’s the most versatile rub we offer, good on anything such as poultry, pork, and brisket. It’s our favourite popcorn topping too!

Pitmaster’s Notes

Our most recent blend, just released in March 2015.  This is my favourite of the bunch, and it has less salt than the other rubs.  We use it for catering, we use it in Competition.    –> We’re especially proud that it was named the Number 1 All-Purpose Rub in the World, by the National BBQ Association – in both 2018 and 2019.

Note actual product, specs and recipe may vary.