Fall Yard Maintenance for an Easier Spring

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The summer season always goes by too fast, don't you think?

By the time you get your spring projects and maintenance out of the way summer is in full swing and before you know it POOF gone! 

Although you may need to mow less this time of year, don't pack all of your yard gear away yet! Here are a few chores that you can do in the fall to not only make your lawn the healthiest it can be, but also lessen your chores in the spring, giving you more time with your family or relaxing on your patio!



Don't Forget to Keep Mowing & Watering

Your grass may have slowed its growth but its important to keep mowing and watering until it stops growth for the winter. This ensures less of a bounce-back time in the spring and keeps it as healthy as possible!

It also ensures that you're not cutting a field in the spring, clogging up your mower or  tractor and making a mess when its long and wet.

Fall is the Best Time to Fertilize, Lime and Plant New Grass

Your lawn has stopped growing above the ground but in the fall it really starts to root and grow BELOW the ground. That's why it's a great time of year to fertilize, lime and plant new seed.

Use a fertilizer that is slow releasing like our Turf Shark Organic Alfalfa with Kelp FertilizerThis allows your lawn to grow while your neighbours' is asleep under the snow!

This is the same reason why early fall is a great time to plant new grass seed as well! The heat of the sun during the day with the added water from those rainy fall storms makes for the perfect growing conditions.

Aerate in the Fall to Give your Lawn Time to Breathe

You can cut a small chunk of lawn (called a 'plug') in the fall to assess the thatch thickness before you decide to aerate. 

Thatch is the layer of decomposing matter from lawn cutting, leaves and other debris that lands in your yard. It lays at the base of your grass, suffocating the soil and roots. Ideally you want thatch to be less than 1.5cm. 

If you've got a thick layer of thatch it's going to be important to aerate your lawn to give it a little space to spread out and breathe over the winter. 

Dethatching Lawn Thatch
*Photo from gardenmyths.com

Tidy Up

Arguably the least exciting part of fall is the actual cleaning up. Not only is it important to catch all the kids toys, dog bones and the like to get them off your lawn before the first snowfall, its just as important to clean all the organic debris. 

Most people are great at raking or blowing their leaves but its just as important to remove that kind of debris from your gutters, ditches, decking and foundation. Wet and rotting organic matter can wreak a lot of havoc on a home if you aren't careful. 

We have great tools available for lawn and leaf cleanup HERE.


Put Your Plants to Sleep for the Winter

Some perennials and shrubs do best if cut back during the fall. Perennials like daylilies and hostas should be cut back in the fall while most others are best if left intact. Leaving these other perennials to overwinter in your garden and provide refuge for frogs and other beneficial animals that will keep your yard healthy!

Shrubs should always be shaped and wrapped or protected with burlap or mesh to reduce the risk of snow and wind-related damage. Shop burlap here.


Got any other fall tips! Let us know what to add to our list!

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