How Great are your Grates?

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When you buy a new grill, how much thought do you put into the grill grates that come with it? Probably not much, right? You buy the grill, bring it home, set it up, and get to cooking your BBQ favourites. For the most part, stock grates that come with your grill get the job done and don’t give you any reason to question what they bring to your cooking experience. What if we told you that there is SO much more you could be getting out of your BBQ cooking surface? An option that adds incredible versatility to the way you grill and lets you get so much more out of whatever style grill you have at home...

The Grill Grate™ is exactly the grilling companion you didn’t know you needed. The scientific approach to building a synergy between your grill and the surface you cook your food on means that you will get a lot more bang for your buck on any style of grill. They work with gas grills, kamado-style grills, pellet grills, charcoal grills, and so much more.


Make it HOT

The Grate is made with hard anodized aluminium, which does an amazing job conducting heat more efficiently than materials like stainless steel or cast iron. This results in truly even heating across the surface of the grate, and also significantly amplifies the heat of your cooking surface.

This is most apparent on Pellet Grills - which are typically designed to max out around 550F. Pellet grills are versatile cooking devices, but sometimes struggle to reach temperatures that give you the kind of sear you’re typically looking for on a nice steak or grilled burger. The Grill Grate™ gives you anywhere from 150-200F higher surface temperatures than your grate temperature gauge reads. This can be measured using an infrared thermometer to test on your own unit, just to get a sense of how it behaves.



Prevent flare-ups and build amazing flavour

The raised rail & bottom plate design of The Grill Grate™ provide a number of benefits. The raised rails build concentrated heat for amazing sear marks. The bottom plate prevents flare-ups from overtaking and burning your food or unnecessarily removing moisture content. Additionally, the bottom plate serves to vapourize drippings, which then return to your food in the form of steamy flavour and additional moisture - a benefit you typically don’t get when your
drippings are lost in the flame at the base of your grill.

Reversible for extra versatility

When flipped, The Grill Grate™ acts as a flat-top cooking surface. We love iconic sear marks from the raised rails, but sometimes a full-contact sear is the way to go. It’s another feature of these grates that make them the ultimate bang for your buck. You’re getting two very different cooking surfaces for the price of one. This will let you experiment with different setups to see what you prefer best!

Our tests

So far, we’ve tried out a few different cooks with our set of grates on a GMG pellet grill. We tried steak with the flat-top configuration - which resulted in a sear that we never thought possible on this type of grill. The charred deliciousness coupled with the wood-fired flavour of the pellets was absolutely incredible. We also tested the waters with a number of small pork chops on the
raised rail configuration.

Pork chops are a great barometer - many find it very easy to overcook chops on the grill, as the high heat and loss of juice makes things happen fast. In our tests, the result was some of the best, juiciest chops we’ve EVER had. These grates are not to be ignored!


Final thoughts

The Grill Grate™ is the grilling revolution that took us by surprise. We’ve been hearing great things from all of our customers that have given them a try and in our own experience, they truly do amplify what you get out of whatever type of grill you own. 

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