Our Must-Have Summer Pest Control Products!

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We’re all mentally shifting gears into spring and summer mode around here.

Lawn furniture, flame tables, BBQs, and yard care equipment are all high points of the warmer months for many of us.

But how do we handle the downside, specifically… pests? We’ve got you covered on that front, too.

Whether it’s lawn, garden, home, or personal protection, we’ve got the products and advice you need to keep your summer life as pest-free as possible.

Yard & Garden

If you are a gardener, you naturally want to protect your crops from pests to avoid losing the literal fruits (and vegetables) of your labour! The hand-painted Dalen rotating head owl is a great way to keep larger pests and rodents away from your garden. With its imposing 18” tall height, the owl’s head bobs and turns in gentle winds, making it realistic-looking, even for humans. Great for balconies and patios as well, making sure your oasis stays clean and pest free.

Diatomaceous earth
is safe to use throughout your yard and even in the home, but it’s a standout for eco-friendly pest control in the garden and we recommend all green-thumbs keep a bag on hand. This ground up sedimentary rock can be used to counter a number of common pests. It is in such fine particulate form, that the small pieces of dust act almost like tiny razor blades when encountered by insects. It’s safe around larger animals and humans, and will help repel many insects, slugs, and other uninvited guests.

Speaking of slugs and snails, some problems need a more specialized approach. Safer’s® Slug & Snail Killer is formulated to be palatable for slugs and snails while staying safe for pets, birds, and wildlife. Offering DOUBLE the coverage of the leading iron phosphate slug and snail killer, it is less expensive AND more effective.

Yard & Home

We carry a number of sprays for common pests around the yard and home, as well. Spiders, ants, wasps & hornets, and much more - be gone! Another spray that we love, designed for MUCH larger pests, is the Bobbex Deer Repellent Spray - used to keep deer, moose and elk away from plants, shrubs, and trees is a must have for properties that double as hot-spots for these beautiful, but sometimes a little too adventurous, animals.


For those who enjoy relaxing outside without the distinctly high-pitched sound of mosquitos in flight, we also carry Kuus Mosquito Coils in packs of 10, each lasting 7 hours! Or their citronella bucket candle, providing up to 50 hours of mosquito-free bliss. AtlanTICK outdoor spray is another one that everyone should have a bottle of on-hand. It’s natural and safe to use on yourself, your dog, and any of your other furry friends! Encountering a tick is never fun - so applying this lemongrass scented spray is a great way to help keep them at bay.

A new-to-us brand - Mosquito Barrier - is getting RAVE reviews from all who use it! Simply spray it on the areas you frequent most (under decks, near bon fire pits, under docks) and enjoy yourself pest-free for nearly a MONTH! 

*NEW FOR 2022* We are now a Thermocell retailer and should be receiving our spring shipment any day now! 


Occasionally, an outdoor pest will find their way inside. Whether it’s mice or rats, Atlantic Outdoor has several options to help you get the problem under control. The TomCat rat bait station is built with heavy duty construction that will last years, and can be used indoors and outdoors, for both rats and mice. For the winged varieties, hanging fly catching ribbons in hotspots (kitchens, in windows, by entrances) will ensure it’s only your thoughts buzzing around at all hours of the night.

Dreams of summer weather often make us forget about the return of pests until they’re back in full force. From small garden & household insects, to larger and more destructive visitors, we’ve got a whole host of products to keep you, your yard, and your home safe and pest-free! Check out our Pest Control Collection on our website, or stop in and speak to one of our experts today!

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