Picking the Right Chainsaw

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For many people buying a chainsaw is a big step and a milestone in their lives. For many people buying a chainsaw means they've made it- either bought the land they've always wanted, started a side business they've dreamed of or at the very least are about to clean up that area that's been bugging them for years! Either way we are here for you when you need us and we hope these tips help you pick the best saw for you!


Size Matters

There's no escaping it, larger saws will do more work than smaller saws and there's not much you can do as a user to compensate for that. We always recommend you find a saw that will do the job you need done then buy 1-2 models above that to ensure you're not disappointed. There's nothing worse than when you just have that one bigger tree left and can't quite get through it. Not only is running smaller saws above their paygrade hard on the saw, it can also be expensive if you get it stuck, ruin a bar or blow the engine.



CCs aren't everything

When looking at saws many people tend to lean heavily on CC's which stands for cubic centimeters. On the one hand this is an easy metric to weigh as its the physical size of the engine. Unfortunately with the ever-changing technology and research & development in the two-stroke industry, the number of cc's doesn't paint a complete picture like it used to. Other metrics worth looking at is the horsepower and overall weight-to-power ratios. Many professional, higher-end saws are lighter but pack a power punch so going 'bigger' may be a better option - Maybe not on your wallet but definitely on your back and joints!

Battery vs Gas

In this day and age, the gap between battery and gas powered machines is closing every year! Brands that have been in the battery industry for years like Milwaukee and Dewalt are pushing their way into the Outdoor Power ring and industry powerheads like Husqvarna and Stihl are fighting to keep up! While you can't compare apples to apples on battery vs gas powered there are some real advantages to battery saws:

  • Gas is a real pain for 2 stroke engines. Constantly mixing fuel with oil and ensuring your gas doesn't go stale is a lot of work
  • Two stroke engines are particularly finicky and carburetors get gummed up and need adjusting or cleaning if you so much as look at them wrong.
  • Starting a gas-powered chainsaw gets harder with age and can get to be too much for some people. Battery saws don't require that force and are ready to go.
  • Battery chainsaws are (for the most part) lighter than gas powered saws
  • There are no emissions created by battery chainsaws


Frequency of Use

How frequently you use your saw should play into your purchasing decision. For all the reasons mentioned above, a battery saw would be best if you plan to use your machine for small, every-so-often jobs. This removes the need for you to keep fresh gas around and worry about it starting after a long time. Battery products are ready when you are!

When in doubt, we're here for you! 

Your local chainsaw shop will have no problem leading you in the right direction! We want to make sure you're happy with your purchase and that you're comfortable with any unit you choose! At Atlantic Outdoor we PDI (pre-delivery inspect) all the units and start them up before you leave to be sure they're running as required. We register your warranty and provide any after-sale service you need including regular maintenance (Yes, you have to do regular maintenance on chainsaws!), diagnostics and more complex repairs. We have several technicians on staff that are here to help anytime!


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