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We live in a zone of varying weather to every extreme - Frigid cold days in in the winter, scorching hot sun rays in the summer and all the wind, rain and storms in between. We've seen the furniture from CR Plastics make it through anything Mother Nature has to throw at us and with a 25-year warranty, they mean business! We get so many questions about CRP that we thought we'd do a blog post and answer some of the common ones!

Who is/are CRP?

CRP or "Canadian Recycled Plastics" are (as the name suggests) a Canadian company in Stratford Ontario. For the past 25 years they have been manufacturing outstanding recycled plastic patio furniture. 

What is this furniture made from?

CRP Furniture is made with 100% recycled HDPE Plastic. This is the type of plastic found in milk jugs, ice cream containers, toys, detergent jugs and plastic bags. The plastic is diverted from landfills and brought to CRPs factory to be pelletized, dyed and used in creating this amazing furniture. The entire process is completely domestic!

How Durable is this Stuff Really? 

The Classic Adirondack chairs weigh in at about 60lb! This keeps them on your deck or patio through any major storm! Besides that great feature, CRP guarantees your furniture won't chip, crack or splinter for 25 years and they stand behind that warranty! The lumber is dyed 100% the way through (not just on the surface like other brands) which keeps the furniture from fading under the hot summer sun!

How Customizable is This Furniture?

We LOVE creating the perfect set for you and your family! Both deep seating styles (Stratford and Tofino) are completely customizable to your liking! You can create sectionals, couches, loveseats and more! Each set can be ordered in 5 different frame colours and cushion choices galore! You can make any set your own in no time!

What is Assembly Like?

CRP are amazing at doing most of the legwork for you! Many products come with their individual pieces assembled into easy-to-manage panels that can be shipped flat and assembled on site! For example the ever-popular Adirondack chair comes in a box as 7 pieces. Easy-Peasy! We offer assembly for an extra fee if you need it but all pieces are pre-drilled and easy to do on your own if you have a power drill. 

How Do I Care for This Product?

If we can give you any advice it would be to be sure you don't baby the furniture! Not only could you seriously hurt yourself moving it in and out of garages and sheds, but CRP has gone to painstaking lengths to allow you to leave this stuff out year round and save time and energy by NOT stressing over covering and moving the pieces. Their care instructions can be found HERE, including a warning about never pressure washing the furniture under any circumstances.

Most importantly: 

How Do I Purchase This Product?

We've got a pretty good handle on stock amounts and we have shipments arriving year-round! We keep a good amount of popular colours in stock (Hellooooo Slate!) but are always adding to new orders. For up to date ETAs and to check stock its best to give us a shout! 

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