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Keeping a stocked pantry of staple items is fundamental to the art of grilling. In the heat of the moment, realizing you’ve run out of seasoning mix or your favourite sauce is an easy way to derail your cook. We’ve gathered a list of some grilling companions that you’ll always want to make sure you have on hand. Let’s dive in:

Seasoning & Rubs

Whether you’ve found the perfect premade rub or like to concoct your own, a collection of your favourite seasoning mixes will save you from ever needing to compromise on flavour.

We stock some incredible rubs from Canada's Winningest Ribfest team: Prairie Smoke and Spice that have all earned their own place in the pantry - there’s something for whatever you’ve got on the menu. While we love experimenting with rubs and seasoning, never underestimate the power of salt & pepper when you want the natural flavours of your food to shine through.


This tip applies mainly to smoking. Hot & fast grilling doesn’t usually require added liquid to keep your final product moist.

When it comes to smoking, keeping some liquid on hand to baste or spritz your food is a great way to maintain quality from start to finish. We find a simple mix of equal parts apple cider vinegar and apple juice is the perfect combination. You can experiment with other liquids like soy sauce, orange juice, broths, and so much more.

Bonus tip: maple syrup is a magical grilling substance that should not be ignored. When your pork shoulder or rack of ribs are ready to be wrapped for the final stretch of your cook: spritz with apple juice & apple cider vinegar, glaze with maple syrup, and add a few knobs of butter. Then, wrap them in tinfoil and let your grill do the rest before you unwrap for final saucing/glazing. You won’t be disappointed.

This goes without saying, but running out of BBQ sauce mid-cook is NEVER going to go well. Make sure you have an extra bottle of your go-to! We've got great picks from Prairie Smoke and Spice and marinade from Broil King to keep you grilling!

Accessories & Tools

The ideal griller’s pantry is not just stocked with food items. There are a number of items that will make your life a lot easier.

Nylon gloves & cotton gloves

When you pull food off the grill, it’s going to be hot. Nylon gloves alone don’t provide enough protection from the heat. We recommend picking up grilling gloves, which will protect your hands from burns without losing too much dexterity.

Meat thermometer

Temperature DOES NOT LIE. Amateur grillers know the feeling all too well: “Is this cooked through?” “Are these done yet?”

Take the guesswork out of knowing when your food is ready and get yourself a decent thermometer. Probing to ensure you’ve reached your desired internal temperature is a foolproof quality control practice.


Use it to tent your perfectly seared steaks for a 10 min rest before digging in. Use it to wrap your 14lb brisket on the home stretch of your 12-hour cook. Use it for EVERYTHING. Tinfoil is an absolute all-star in the grilling world and you do not want to run out of it when you need it.

True grill-masters know that it’s a way of life. A full pantry of the items you’ll use most often will save you headaches and give you the best possible end result with every cook. A little bit of extra preparation will go a long way. Happy grilling!

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